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Szent Pál Academy, accredited by the Hungarian National Council of Accreditation of Higher Education, was founded by Faith Church in 1990. The college is committed to help students come to know and understand the wisdom and teaching of the whole Bible, to provide inspiration for a Biblical lifestyle, morals and way of thinking, and to put the law of faith to work.
The Faculty of Theology at Szent Pál (Saint Paul) Academy is undertaking the education of Christians who are active in the local church and are eager to gain a deeper knowledge of the Bible. On completing their studies students are awarded a Master of Arts degree in Theology. The certificate itself does not entitle one for church ministry. Applications are accepted for full time and correspondence courses, both of which take five years to complete.

Application forms must be submitted every year by 25 April at the Registrar's Office, on a printed and signed form. For further information click here.

Applicants need to submit the following items when applying to Saint Paul Academy
  • High School Diploma (Matriculation Certificate) (Applicants with a foreign High School Diploma need to submit the official transcript and the certified Hungarian translation),
  • The recommendation of two active ministers (for members of Faith Church this may be a presbyter, or a staff member of Szent Pál Academy, for church members in the country-side: the local pastor),
  • Satisfactory scores on the Entrance Examination Test and Interview
  • In the case of married couples the written recommendation of the spouse
  • Application fee (4000 HUF).
Two more statements are necessary: „The Code of Honor Pledge”, which is a recognition of the values, the regulations, spiritual and moral atmosphere of Szent Pál Academy, must be read and signed and a commitment must be made to pay the tuition fee.
The 4000 HUF application fee may be paid with the college's own postal check (it is attached to the application form). If the Application Form is downloaded from the Internet the check may be obtained from the Registrar's Office. Bank transfers are also possible.
The account number is: 12072507-01165405-00100003 (Raiffeisen Bank)
Please ensure the term ”Application Fee„ is quoted with either payment method. The proof of payment has to be kept till the end of the application process, and a copy should be attached to the Application form.

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